Graphic Reminder of What Can Happen When Your Vehicle Hits a Deer

These images are graphic, but should be looked at as a public service announcement about the dangers of a deer-and-vehicle collision.

I know firsthand the results of hitting a deer with a vehicle. Many years ago, while driving to work late at night, I collided with a mature whitetail buck on the highway. Luckily, the deer deflected off my left bumper and not up and in through my windshield, but damage to my pickup truck was extensive and pegged at $8,500. Fortunately, I walked away without a scratch. The deer was killed on impact.

According to a Facebook post, Nancy Kurtz had a collision with a whitetail deer on the night of December 11, but in her case, the deer was hit by another vehicle and thrown through her windshield. That is when things can get really dangerous. No one was killed in this accident, but as you’ll see from the images, it’s sheer luck the occupants were able to walk away.

“Santa’s reindeer came flying through our windshield last night! So lucky….. Thank you God!! A vehicle coming towards us hit the deer and the deer hit our windshield and landed in the backseat!”






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