Weird Deer Hunting Gear You’ve Probably Never Seen

We Sniffed Out the Oddest (and Newest) Deer Hunting Gear We Could Find

We ran into some products that made us raise an eyebrow (or two). Not that they don’t have they’re purpose or that they don’t work. I’m sure they do. But they were so different from what we’re used to seeing (and using) that they wound up on this list. So check out just a handful of those ATA products below.

1 | The Can Opener

Simply put, this is a field-dressing tool. It operates similar to the Hunter’s Specialties’ Gut and Butt product, but looks different and uses a slightly different method. More specifically, the Can Opener uses hooks and has a rope, while the H.S. product is a solid piece of plastic.

2 | Ambush Smoke in a Bottle

This is actually a pretty cool product. It is designed so that it lasts longer and you won’t have to replace it as quickly like you do with traditional powder. Also, this works a little better under low-light conditions.

3 | Cam Guardian

Ever had a trail camera stolen? This product is supposed to help prevent that. Personally, I think a chain will still work best, because I feel this product will make it hard to mount cameras on less-than-perfect trees and still get the right camera angle. However, I can see this being a neat alternative.

4 | Koola Buck Hide Ripper

Do you hate skinning deer? The Hide Ripper is designed to shorten that process. All you have to do is skin the back legs, split the front legs and hook it up to a truck. Then you pull the hide off. It’s a neat concept, but I think I’d still prefer the traditional skinning method. After all, skinning is a part of the total experience.

5 | Stalker Decoys

Ever wanted to stalk big game? The Stalker Decoys line (whitetail pictured here) are designed to mount to your bow so that you can get close enough for the shot if your stalking skills won’t get you there.




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