[VIDEO] Young Huntress Lilly Gets Her First Deer with an AR-15

This young lady’s first deer harvest she will always remember.

Armed with an AR-15 rifle and a great coach, she puts a single bullet where it counts. Share Lilly’s first deer harvest and feel the excitement of the moment!

In Cody Klapper’s video, shared on Facebook by All Hunting Things, we meet a very focused young huntress. She is armed with an AR-15 rifle and has her first deer in her sights. This is a moment she will remember for the rest of her life.

With a perfect shot, this young hunter nails her first-ever deer harvest. She was well prepared for the moment, and her excitement is quite contagious, even at this end of the computer monitor.

We want to congratulate Lilly on her first deer harvest. We hope there are many more to come over an entire lifetime.


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