VIDEO: Is this the most dangerous road in the world?

Atlantic route is located in Norway and is one of the most dangerous in the world. It is long 8.3 kilometers and as the name implies, extends along but also across the Atlantic Ocean.

At the beginning of the 20th century Norwegians came up with the idea to trace the railroad over the ocean, but soon gave up, and even in the ’70s developed a plan for placement of the road.

With construction started on August 1 1983 and ended on July 7 1989 and in the period of construction as much as 12 times the big storm hit the road.


The total cost amounted to around 122 million kronor, or 14 million euros.

The plan was for the next 15 years for this time to charge a toll to pay 25% of the price, but because the plan was realized only after 10 years, Norwegians abolished toll.

The road is extremely dangerous because of strong gusts of wind and ocean waves, but also very popular among other things, the marketing industry. It was proclaimed a cultural heritage of Norway.

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