(VIDEO) Is This The Hunter With The Best Reflexes?

Incredible 25-second video showing a fantastic Texas hunter with excellent reflexes catching a quail with his bare hands has gone viral. And, while it may look too perfect to be true, the man who caught the bird insists that it is real.

“It was such a fluke thing,” Matt Carter told the Daily News. “We were walking back to the trucks, and it just happened.”

In the video, a hunter-orange-clad Carter snatches the low-flying bird with his hand. His hunting buddies cheer off screen as he holds the unharmed quail above his head.

The clip was posted on the Austin Stone Church YouTube page on Monday. It has since been featured on ESPN2’s SportsNation, tweeted out by Shaquille O’Neal and posted on Reddit.


Is this true? Some say that the video is false, what is your opinion?

Have you ever witnessed anything like that?



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