(Video) Hunter Stumbles Across Something on the Way to His Stand That Left Him ‘Scared’: ‘Please Don’t Shoot Me!’

Last Thursday afternoon, Casey Sanders was heading to his bow stand near Atlanta, Georgia, when something caught his eye. It was like nothing he had ever seen in the woods before, and it left him “scared.”

What could possibly send chills down the spine of a seasoned hunter?

“Please don’t shoot me!”

“I was walking to my stand,” Sanders told TheBlaze in an interview. “I had set down my bow and my stuff at my stand and was going to check a game camera I had set up, and I heard somebody yell. … And I hear him say, ‘I’m naked!’”

That’s right, not far from Sanders in a nearby creek, a naked man was trying to get his attention.


“I could tell it was a disgruntled voice,” Sanders, an engineering student at Southern Polytechnic University who will be graduating this semester, added. Sanders said “hey” back, but he was alone in the middle of the woods and admitted he got a “little scared.”


He took out is phone and hit record, fearing the worst might happen.

“Honestly, I wanted it to be a video recording in case something crazy happened. If I was to get hurt or something I wanted other people to know what happened,” he added. “At that point, anything goes.”


What he captured is amazing: a conversation, at times tense, with a completely nude man desperately in need of help from a hunter who has no idea what to think.



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