[VIDEO] Bear Kills Deer In Residential Neighborhood

A homeowner filmed the terrifying moment that a young black bear attacked a deer in the back garden of a suburban home in Colorado Springs. The video, which captures nature’s brutal reality succinctly, has gone viral online.

KOAA5 reports that the incident occurred on June 7, 2015, in the back yard of a home on Jupiter Drive near Jenkins Park in the Westside Skyway neighborhood of Colorado Springs.

A neighbor, identified as J.D. Gieck, captured the attack on camera.

 According to Gieck, the neighborhood was alerted to the presence of a bear, and as the bear passed through back gardens, it dashed suddenly into a bush and pulled out a deer.

The homeowner and Gieck were in the garden and were apparently trying to retreat indoors when the bear pulled the deer out of the bush into the yard. He said:

This bear was actually doing what bears are supposed to do. It was taking out sick and injured wildlife, which is how Mother Nature works.

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