[VIDEO] 5 Muzzleloader Misfires on Giant Buck

It’s a scene straight out of a whitetail hunter’s dreams. The rut is in the air, and a giant whitetail eases out of the brush. He stops within easy bow range in a green food plot. And your sitting there with your trusty muzzleloader.

Of course, it can turn into a scene from a whitetail hunter’s nightmare, too. That’s what happened with Cally Morris. With this giant buck a mere 35 yards from his stand, Cally’s muzzleloader misfires. Once. Twice. Five times before the buck finally decides he’s had enough and disappears for the rest of the season.

But Cally is back after it the following year. This time he’s bowhunting, and he again finds himself within easy range of the buck, which has been aptly nicknamed “Cappy.” He makes the shot, but the hit isn’t perfect. Will Cally’s quest to put a tag on Cappy end on a happy note? Watch the fall, 2014 season finale of The 15-Yard Files to find out.

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