The two most famous taxis in the world

Specialized vehicles designed for taxiways existed since the early days of motoring, but two world most famous models, USCheker A8”  and the English Austin FX4 are presented in the same, in 1958. Both cars achieved worldwide fame and are among the most recognizable vehicles were ever made.


“Cheker” (Checker) known as “Marathon” (Marathon), is celebrated in the streets of New York with classic yellow, and drove Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver.” “Austin” (Austin) gained its fame in London, with the characteristic black and film fame brought him Dirk Bogarde in “Servant.”


Seen from the technical side and both vehicles are made for convenient transportation of passengers, six in the US and five in the English model. “Austin” is known for fantastic small turning circle, thanks to an extremely wide viewing angle of rotation of the wheels. “Cheker” is an American-style half a meter longer, has two more cylinders (six total) and an enhanced slightly, 89 hp, 56 hp compared to the “Austin”.


Interestingly, the “American” is supplied with a manual transmission, while the automation remains an option, and the “Englishman” is the oposite. “Austin” is, according to the English tradition, They have been made longer, until 1997, while the last “Cheker” was made in 1982.

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