Deer Hunting: 10 Self-Evident Truths

2. If you’re in an area, where there are a lot of deer, you don’t have to take the first shot that offers itself. Before the old-timer that I shot stood up, two other nice bucks emerged from the sagebrush, about 200 yards away, and walked and trotted away from us. That, combined with the gusting wind, made for bad odds, and because I had two full days left I held fire until I got a shot at one that was 199 yards away and not going anywhere.

3. But on the other hand, sometimes they vanish. We were hunting in an area that’s home to oodles of deer, and the morning after I had killed mine, we took a ride to look them over. It was a beautiful, cool, windless morning, and we saw…nothing. Not one. They were there, but they were hiding for reasons that can be known only to deer. When that happens, there’s nothing to do but wait until things change.

4. If you can’t shoot from prone, try kneeling. That’s what I did. It’s not quite as steady as sitting, but you can get into it quicker, and it gets you above the sagebrush and rattlesnakes.

5. A little weight in your rifle is very often a good thing. I hunted with the same wood-stocked Bergara B-14 Woodsman that I blogged about earlier this fall. With a Meopta 3X-9X MeoPro scope on board, it is a pretty hefty firearm, but this weight meant it did not shake, quiver, or blow in the wind.




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