How to Kill the Biggest Buck Where You Hunt

This One Piece of Advice Could Forever Change How You Hunt!

On a summer scouting mission, I glassed a very large buck coming out of thick bedding cover adjacent to a parking area on a public hunting property. I started keeping an eye on the spot from the safety of my car.

If I parked in the right spot I could see where the buck crossed a creek onto the public from a thick tangle on nearby private land. I glassed the buck from my covert station wagon. I appeared as if I was parked reading the paper whenever someone drove passed.

The buck was coming thru on a regular basis, but the common wind would blow right to the buck. The buck stayed on the pattern as hunting season opened but I patiently waited for a rare east wind. When the wind changed, I slid in for the hunt. It was the very first time I ever walked into that section of woods. I sat only a few feet off the ground in the crotch of a huge willow tree. I shot the big-bodied buck as he worked a small licking branch next to my perch.

I believe most hunters who would’ve seen that buck like I did would have been smart enough to set up in that tree and wait for the right wind. But what separates me from other hunters is most would set up their stand after seeing the buck in late summer and then tried to hunt it, rather than sneaking in and killing the buck the day you hang it.



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