Hottest New Shotguns of 2017

SHOT 2017 was, aside from one huge introduction, not a monster shotgun year. The year’s new guns exemplified several new trends: Turkey is finally the new Spain, and it’s time to stop complaining about (most) Turkish guns and shoot them. There are more guns all the time for the target market, much of which is driven by the massive growth of the Scholastic Clay Target Program. There are more guns for women, and there is also a welcome trend toward semi-autos in the sub-$1,000 price range, of which we have one excellent example this year.

Benelli Super Black Eagle III


After celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, Benelli’s flagship 3½ inch, 12 gauge semi-auto, the Super Black Eagle, is reborn as the SBE III for this year. It’s slimmer and lighter than ever. Meanwhile, the bolt handle, safety, and bolt-release button have been enlarged to make the gun easier to manipulate in cold conditions.

The gun also features a bolt that can’t be bumped out of battery, curing the “Benelli click” misfire that was the gun’s only weakness. An improved version of the ComforTech recoil-reducing stock features a larger, softer cheekpiece to take the sting out of heavy loads. $1,999

Winchester SX4


Like the SBE, Winchester’s SX3 gets a makeover this year. It, too, has been made lighter and trimmer. At its heart, it is still the same soft-shooting gas semi-auto descended from the Browning Gold and the Winchester Super X2. The pistol grip has been slimmed down and the stock adjusts for length via a spacer system. All the controls have been enlarged: trigger guard, safety, bolt release, and bolt handle to improve ergonomics. The best thing about the SX4 is the price, which is actually lower, owing to new manufacturing efficiencies. It starts at $799 in a 3-inch black synthetic model.

Syren L4S

More and more manufacturers are realizing that making a gun pink doesn’t make it a gun for women. Syren, a Caesar Guerini/Fabarm brand, is the industry’s leader in women’s shotguns, and this year’s addition to the line is the excellent L4S gas semi-auto given the Syren treatment. A light (6¾ pound), soft-shooting 12 gauge, the L4S makes a great choice for an upland field gun or a dove gun, which is what I use my own (men’s version) for. The Syren stock features a shorter length of pull, tighter pistol grip radius, monte carlo stock, and cast on at the toe to make it more comfortable to shoulder and shoot. $1385

Mossberg SA-28

Mossberg adds a 28-gauge version of its very good imported 20-gauge semi-auto to its lineup this year. The gun is built on a slim, 28-gauge receiver (it’s not just another 20 gauge with 28-gauge barrels) and it should make a great quail, grouse, and dove gun. Mossberg has improved the finish with a satin walnut stock and forend, and polished bluing. The gun has a 28-inch vent-ribbed, choke-tubed barrel, and you get all this for $664.



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