Do you know who was the first car with an automatic transmission?

In the world today, 99.8 percent American, European only 9.8 percent, 6.9 percent Japanese new cars have automatic transmission. It is good to know that the first car with automatic transmission is 8 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, introduced in 1939, whose production began in 1940. This car had automatic transmission GM Hydra-Matic, an automatic clutch, hydraulically operated three sets of planetary transmissions, in charge of four steps forward and one back.


The same transmission from the end of 1940 and is incorporated in the models of “Cadillac.” The first automatic transmission with hydrodynamic converter (such as all modern automatic transmissions in use today) was built into gear Dynaflow “Buick” in 1948. Mentioned converter doubles moment, reducing engine torque in half, simplifies construction and increases trust.


Automatic transmissions are widely used in luxury class cars, especially favorite among members of the gentler sex.



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