Do you know who was Pietro Frua?

One of the greatest masters of classical Italian auto design drew more than 200 stunning cars.


Born in 1913, the great master of Italian auto design, Pietro Froid, 50 years of service drew more than 200 cars.

In 1930 he joined the renowned firm Stabilimenti Farina, and only 5 years later became chief designer in it. Own studio leads 1944, having developed unique models and small quantity.



It is celebrated with designs made for Maserati, especially with different versions made of chassis model A6G. In 1957 he sold the studio Ghia, which designs remarkably successful Renault Florid.

The biggest successes were achieved in the 60’s, when he started working independently. For Maserati he designs the first Quattroporte, the model which creates a whole new class of cars.


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