Do You Know How It Looks The Highest Luxury Trailer On The World?


The use of ultra lightweight carbon fiber material in the automotive industry is increasing.

People at the Global Caravan Technologies company, using this lightweight and strong material, drafted its latest trailer, which has a weight of 2.700kg, which is halfway less than the weight of an average trailer with the same dimensions.


It is important to point out that the whole trailer was built and compiled without any screw, thereby CR-1 is among the strongest and safest trailers on the market.


But inside there is a real surprise – the interior is equipped with first-class wardrobes from floor to ceiling, has a huge bathroom, power supply system of solar power of 700 watts, integrated generator, tinted windows, and there are all necessary gadgets.”


Of course even price will not be similar to the competition, so the basic model costs about 170,000 dollars, while the highest luxury version is even 770,000 American banknotes.

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