Did you know when it was first used 4×4 drive?

The drive 4×4 was first built in the Lohner-Porsche from 1900, which was powered by  electricity! He had one electric motor on each wheel.


The first classic car with four-wheel drive was built in 1903 by Belgian engineer Joseph Valentin Laviolette. It is a Dutch Spyker, which is also the first to introduce the concept of straight 6-cylinder engine capacity of 8686 cc and a power of 50 hp.


For the global success of the drive 4 × 4 has matured legendary Willys Jeep (picture one), military SUV, which was made in 1940 by the company American Bantam Co. and Willys Overland Inc. Civilian version arrived in 1947, a year later presented is the main competitor – “Land Rover”


The first luxury car with four-wheel drive English Jansen FF in 1966 (car image three), while in 1970 was presented and the Japanese “Subaru 1800″. The first big commercial success of a car with 4 × 4 exercise “Audi” in 1980, when it introduced the model “Quattro”.


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