10 Ways a Deer Hunt Can Be Memorialized

The harvest will be over in seconds but memories of your deer hunt should last a lifetime.

Here are ten tips for memorializing that day in the woods.

 1. Document the Day in Images

Showcasing the entire hunt in images, not just the animal itself, will make for a great scrapbook of memories. Capture the excitement as you huddle around the breakfast table in the early morning light – eager to head out into the woods.

How about a shot smearing camo makeup on your face? Or pictures of you waiting patiently in a blind or working a rattle sequence with antlers in hand?

Your hunt is about the experience – and a day’s worth at that. Capture it all for the memory bank.

2. Start a Journal

Buy yourself a leather-bound journal this season and begin documenting your hunt in words. Write about what you did that big day, the excitement you felt, the emotions when that deer dropped.

A journal is a wonderful keepsake that can be passed down from one generation to the next. It’s never too late to start.

3. Smear Some Blood on Your Face

A way of paying respect to your harvested deer, or a rite of passage for a first kill, is to smear fresh blood on your forehead and cheeks. Hunters do this for a number of reasons and our ancestors abided by this strict custom.

It certainly is a wonderful way to memorialize your deer hunt and a traditional one at that.

4. Butcher Your Own Meat

Getting your hands dirty and butchering your own kill is an excellent way to memorialize your deer hunt. Why pay someone else to do it?

This is another way of paying respect to the animal and will give you an instant connection. If it’s your first time doing it, the memories will always be remembered.

5. Get a Mount

There are many styles of mounts available to the hunter. Each comes with a different price point.

Having that mount as a constant reminder of that day in the woods, however? Priceless.


Source: wideopenspaces.com


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