AXALTA COATINGS: Most popular automotive colors – TOP 10

Buying a car and wondering what color to choose? We present the research by Axalta Coatings (specialists in varnishing) for the most popular colors of the cars in the world.

If you choose white, black, silver or gray, then you are totally “cool” and “in”.

If you still choose yellow, green or brown then you are “out” because those colors are not popular.

When buying a new car for white determines 29% of buyers.

The African market every second car is white (understandable due to high temperatures) and it is on top of the other markets.

Second in popularity is the color black, which decide 19% of buyers. It is particularly prevalent in China with 14% and Europe with 21%.

The third list is the top silver with 14%. It is extremely popular in the vast Indian market, where every third buyer selects for his car.

Fourth color in representation of the world is gray with 12%, and most can be purchased in Europe (16%) and the lowest in South America (4%). Red is the most popular in Mexico and North America, and globally represented with 9%.



1. White – 29%
2. Black – 19%
3. Silver – 14%
4. Gray – 12%
5. Red 9%
6. Blue – 6%
7. Brown – 5%
8. Yellow / gold – 3%
9. Other – 2%
10. Green – 1%.

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