Quick shooting is the key to this hunt.

Hunting in an overpopulated section of the state, this Maryland deer hunter bags four deer is under ten seconds.

While the shot choices may be questionable, the video is still worth watching.

When attempting to bag deer, a quick shooting shotgun or rifle like this hunter’s Mossberg 500 is essential. Practicing with your gun of choice is also important if you are taking difficult running shots at game.

Most would agree a running shot is never ideal. Waiting for a clear picture of a major target point (the lungs or heart) and looking for a quartering away, quartering towards, or the top-choice broadside shot is always the way to go.


The hunter said:

This is in Montgomery County, Maryland, which is adjacent to Washington, DC. The deer are very overpopulated in this area and we do our part to reduce the numbers. My buddy Bill put on a one man drive for me and these four does came right to me.

This hunter is obviously more than proficient with his weapon and his quick shooting earned him a pile of venison for the freezer.





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