5 Things Every Deer Hunter Should Know

For many, deer hunting is the highlight of the year. To some it’s as important as Christmas and birthdays. I remember when I was just starting to hunt on my own-I looked forward to deer season all year. I started planning for the next season before the current season was over.

The outdoor world is full of products and gizmos to help deer hunters be successful. However, none of these wonderful things will help you at all if you don’t master the basics. Here are five things every deer hunter should know. Master these and you’ll find success.

1. Know how to shoot your gun/bow
The biggest buck in the world could stop right in front of your stand. If you can’t hit it, and hit it in the right spot, that buck will be nothing but a story to tell at the campfire. It all comes down to practice. You need to practice shooting from the positions you might use while hunting. You need to shoot at targets that look like deer and you need to know where to put your bullet or your arrow. Study deer anatomy and practice hitting the right spot.

2. Think like a deer
Deer are not humans and don’t think like humans. Deer are driven by their need for food and desire for security. Find the food source, and you’ll find the deer. Find good cover near a food source and you will find where they sleep. Hide yourself along their travel paths, bedding areas or near their supper table and you’ll see deer. During the rut, the bucks are chasing the does, but the does are thinking about food. Food is the deer’s weakness. They have to go out and find it. They don’t have a kitchen full of food at home like you.



Source: nrafamily.org

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