3 Things That Will Completely Change Your Shed Hunting Success

Are you the world’s worst shed hunter? This might help you make a change.

I have been intrigued by whitetail hunting for a long time. With that comes the love of shed antlers. It adds another piece to the story, and passes the time in between seasons where you can also gain some important scouting knowledge.

About three years ago, if someone asked me about shed hunting, my reply was always “I couldn’t find a shed if I stepped on it and ran it through my foot.” I liked the thought of shed hunting, but no results meant no fun.

 Three years later, I look forward to it almost as much as I do the hunting season itself. By no means am I claiming I am an incredible shed hunter, but now I find enough sheds to keep me intrigued and coming back for more. There are a ton of factors, and you will find a million articles on “Shed Hunting Tips”, but these three things are what personally helped increase my success and ultimately fall in love with the sport of shed hunting.

Go With People Who Find Sheds

Monkey See, Monkey Do… right? This may sound silly or just dumb, but above all else, this is what changed my shed hunting success more than anything. For years, I would walk the woods just to walk the woods, thinking that eventually, I would just stumble upon shed antlers. After a few empty handed walks, confidence would disappear and my shed hunting endeavors were over for that year.

A couple buddies I knew were always finding sheds. Up to 40 a year at times, and it blew my mind. What could they be doing that I wasn’t? With most things in life, you need a mentor or a trainer, or at least some way of gaining knowledge.

I simply asked them if I could tag along to see how they went about the sport and they were happy to bring me.



Go and watch them. Watch the speed at which they walk, how they stop and look, the terrains in which they focus on, and ask as many questions as possible. You can gain ton of insight from a one day trip, and it can do wonders for your success.

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