20 Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter

Tip 6
One of the deadliest scent set-ups defies the accepted rule of playing the wind. Locate a long strip of timber or cover with the wind blowing along the length of it (blowing from one end to the other). At the windy end, pour some deer scent at several areas, then set up high in a tree stand just on the edge of the timber. If you’re set up high enough, your human odor should flow above the deer.

Tip 7
Practice setting up and taking down your tree stand before the season, and do so low on the tree.  Getting into and out of your spot as quietly as possible is key to having a look at a good buck.

Tip 8
You don’t have to own your own plane, or even by an airline ticket, to check out aerial photos of your hunting area, and there are no better scouting aids than aerial photos. Just search Google Maps for your hunting area.

Tip 9
Avoid trimming shooting lanes and otherwise disturbing your hunting area during the season. The time to clear shooting lanes is during summer.  Wise old bucks can become conditioned to the smell of freshly cut timber, and begin to associate it with human predation.

Tip 10
If some concealment is good, then maximum concealment is better.  Tree stand blinds help to fool the wary eye of a deer, and provide the added benefit of shelter from harsh winds.

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