11 Great Ways to Make Hunting Fun for Your Kids

Inspiring your kids to hunt isn’t always easy, but these tips will have them begging you to take them outdoors.

Every kid is different. My son is more eager to hunt than my daughter, but both come along with me frequently. Some kids just love being in the outdoors and will go every time you ask, but most kids won’t want to go hunting if they don’t have good time.

Here are a few ideas to help introduce hunting to kids and make the experience more enjoyable. 

1. Get your kids their own camo and hunting gear.

If you want them to feel like they belong in the woods, then have them wearing the same kind of clothing you have on.

Nothing’s worse than bringing your kid hunting, decked out in camo while they’re wearing jeans and a black shirt.

I always walk through the youth section and look for sales on hunting gear.  And yes, for my daughter, I’ll buy pink camo. Or I’ll buy the camo shirt with a batman logo on it. This is major cool points for kids and my daughter will go with me just because she gets to wear her new pink camo boots!

It’s also fun to get them their own hunting backpack to keep all their gear and take with them on hunts.

 2. Face paint is cool. Have fun with it.

I usually wear face paint when it’s too warm to wear a mask, so I always have some on me.

I notice my kids always want to put it on. It gives them an immersive feeling that they are really out there hunting. They get to look like their cool dad, and my baby girl thinks it’s just neato.

Face paint can be messy. I like using isplack, which is stumbled upon after my son used it as eye black for baseball. It’s what I always use now, as it comes off real easy. You can get it some different colors, too.

3. Have them bring their BB gun or youth bow.

Before my kids were ready to shoot shotguns and rifles, I would have them bring their BB gun or youth bows on the hunt.

The big benefits:

  1. It allows you to teach them how to carry a gun safely without worrying they might make a mistake.
  2. It gives the kid a feeling like they are contributing even if you never intend for them to shoot at game.

I usually always bring a drink when I’m out hunting and that empty bottle would get filled with pellets before the end of the day. 

4. Ground blinds are perfect for kids.

Ground blinds are very forgiving when it comes to hiding movement. It also helps that it can keep you out of the weather.

I try to make the blind as comfortable as possible. Its also helpful to give your kids a good view of the woods. They can be very helpful in locating game.

I usually have my kids looking out the back of the blind in case something sneaks up on us. That way I’m not contorting my back twisting around.

Bring plenty of blankets for them to keep warm or lay on if they get tired. Take plenty of of snacks and make snack time fairly frequent.

5. Don’t forget the binoculars (and any other hunting gizmos).

Kids get bored fast, so a great way to get them involved is to hand them the binoculars.

I generally try to find something for my kids to do instead of just sit there.

  • They can play with the rangefinder, and I’ll tell them to look at trees and let me know how far out they are.
  • Give them the bottle of powder to check wind direction.
  • Have them bang around on a set of rattling horns
  • Let them blow on a game call. Something like a doe can call is easy to use.



Source: wideopenspaces.com