10 Things You Should Know About Being Married to a Hunter

4. A catalog from (fill in the name of any sporting goods supply business here) has a permanent place on the back of your toilet.

Your spouse isn’t in the bathroom for 30 minutes actually making use of the facilities. He/she is actually making a shopping list for the latest gadgets they “need” to have for the upcoming season.

Yes, they’ve said countless times that they have everything they could possible need, but if you’re married to a hunter you know to never believe it.

5. Need to do laundry? Forget it.

Your regular laundry will get backlogged because every piece of scent-locking camouflage must be washed in a separate load using its own special detergent and dryer sheets.

The same person who hasn’t folded so much as a single t-shirt will all of sudden operate your washer and dryer like a professional dry cleaner.

6. Where to hang mounts will become a common argument in your house.

Don’t count on your house ever gracing an episode of HGTV’s “Devine Design.” When your spouse bags a trophy, they’ll want it displayed prominently in your house.

My husband’s last trophy is mounted above the buffet table in our dining room, where he has a perfect view of his tenderloins on our plates.

7. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, your house can double as a small armory.

The floor joists in my house could not support the weight of the size gun safe we would need to accommodate all of the firearms, ammo and accessories in my house.

Instead, I’ve graciously given up one of the two closets in my master bedroom. Complete with custom shelving and cedar planks walls, I feel confident that in the event of a zombie apocalypse my family would survive.

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